2009-12-18 Samphire - Seraphim

This word refers to a disease or condition of restlessness and rapid heartbeat that occurs if someone has eaten too much Belladonna. I am happy about this word today because on Monday I used it to win a Scrabble game after someone attempted to block a lane by putting an M in it, right after a spot that required an S, and I had AIOPRT? in my rack.



"Samphire is edible, has a yellow flower, and the nearest thing to it that I've eaten is asparagus. Rock Samphire is less edible and it grows on the coast of Normandy, where I've actually been, and missed my opportunity to have some." (This deserves attribution - I found it on the Internet.)

Also seraphim are beautiful, I never heard of them til I was reading some Proust, a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and his villanelle mentions some fallen seraphim in a repetitive way that leads to dreamy wistfulness.

Note!In a Scrabble game on 2011-04-26 I had AEIMPH? on my rack.