The ABCs of Achievement

This is a color-adjusted image of a document I have kept since about 1983. It was given to me by someone at Upward Bound at the University of Pennsylvania while I was a paid math tutor there.

I've emailed to the current staff at Upward Bound and not received any reply regarding this.

I'm hoping someone else will remember this. I have done Google searches and nobody seems to have ever put it on Google before. The copyright is unknown, so if there is any problem with the copyright I hope someone will email me about it. ( I'm not recollecting the name of the man who was leading the tutoring classes, so I hope someone can remind me who that was.

The A-B-C's of Achievement For those SPECIAL young adults who want to make (Achievement!) happen in their lives A: ATTITUDE ... THE FOUNDATION, the Mark of You ... keep yours POSITIVE B: BELIEF ... in your UNIQUE and Talented Self ... you're a winner C: COURAGE ... to try, and to keep trying until you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS D: DISCIPLINE ... IT PAYS OFF IN RESULTS, you must have it E: ENTHUSIASM ... make it a part of you ... and share it with others F: FUN ... it has to be there for meaningful results ... MAKE IT FUN G: GOALS ... your success targets AIM HIGH ... and then HIGHER H: HOPE ... the magic ingredient that sparks into POSITIVE ACTION I: INITIATIVE ... DO IT NOW! it pays off in results. IT'S DETERMINATION IN ACTION J: JUST ... honorable and fair in all your dealings and actions K: KNOWLEDGE ... work hard to acquire it, but, most of all, USE IT L: LOVE ... in all that you do ... love must set the pace M: MOTIVATION ... that which forces you into ACTION, it must be self-motivation for ACHIEVEMENT N: NEGATIVES ... avoid them, keep them out of your environment, especially negative people O: OPTIMISM ... think you can ... because YOU CAN DO IT! P: PRACTICE ... to succeed, you must practice ... practice! Q: QUALITY & QUANTITY ... the twins of achievement, your calling cards as a person R: RESPONSIBILITY ... doing the right thing because IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO S: SELF-ESTEEM ... a POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE is priceless ... work on yours T: TOUGHNESS ... mental and physical ... an unbeatable combination ... GO FOR IT U: UNDERSTANDING ... know your strengths and weaknesses ... ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVES V: VIRTUE ... the quality of moral excellence ... it must be 'No. 1' in your living philosophy W: WINNING ... your reward for HARD WORK and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE X: XTRA-MILE ... can't achieve without it ... YOU HAVE TO HUSTLE Y: YOU ... THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT IN YOUR SUCCESS Z: ZEST ... your go-power ... TURN IT ON REMEMBER: IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME MAKE IT HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE! IT'S AS EASY AS A-B-C