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Thinkadoodle Mission Statement

A somewhat serious idea I'm thinking about is a web crawler of some kind that would find resumes and job openings on the internet, and attempt to match them up. That is obviously hard to do thoroughly, but perhaps fairly easy to get started on.

Mission Statement somewhat unclear - the goals of the site have changed several times.

My motivation here is to practice web development. I add things that I enjoy, or want to impress you with. I hope to build something impressive that will lead to my financial benefit (obviously it should also benefit whoever will be paying me for it).

One thing I would like to have, and may get around to building, is a set of tools to help myself (and others) plan better, using think-a-doodle diagrams. That would be about life goals, daily priorities, time management, and those brainstorming diagram things - cloud diagrams, right?


Only one person works on this web site directly, including all the web pages and images, with some exceptions where credit is given. Tools are mainly open-source: Ubuntu, Gimp, Eclipse, Apache, jQuery, etc. Hosted at Web Hosting Pad.

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